Paper or Plastic | Hardware or Software: Lyrics Lounge Talks the MPC with Too Deep

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Sessions

Too Deep, The HippieHoodlum, came through to Lyrics Lounge to talk about the facts and fictions of hip hop music production.

Lyrics Lounge: Session XVV

March 25, 2011

Roger Linn. Some people have deemed this man a saint for one reason: He was the architect and engineer behind the  design of the Music Production Center or the “MPC.” Originally called the “MIDI Production Center,” the MPC is a popular and well respected series of electronic musical instruments originally designed by Roger Linn and produced by the Japanese company Akai from 1988 onward. Equipped with his vintage MPC 2000XL, ultra-versatile artist and producer  Too Deep came by Lyrics Lounge to share a few artistic words of wisdom with our family and to demonstrate how to create music on the MPC. After performing a few numbers from his much anticipated debut album release The Hippie Hoodlum, ETC-ers rocked out with the traditional Lyrics Lounge open mic, freestyling to some of Too Deep’s original beats.

Say Cheeze: Pics from Too Deep’s Visit!

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