School Daze After School Days: Lyrics Lounge on Music and Cinema

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Sessions

"Good and Bad Hair/Whether you're dark or you're fair/Go on and swear/See if I care/Good and bad hair..." - Bill Lee

Lyrics Lounge: Session XVII

March 4, 2011

Without question, great cinema would not exist without great musical accompaniment. Think of your favorite scene from your favorite movie. Right at the moment when the lovers begin to kiss or the case is finally solved, consider the music that’s playing in the background. A great film score can sometimes make or break a film. To support our claim, at our last Lyrics Lounge event, ETC-ers watched School Daze, the 1988 film musical by renowned director Spike Lee. Our theme for the day was “Music in Cinema.” Youth were asked to pay close attention to the score and to identify elements that best resonated with them. The original soundtrack (track listing below) for the film was produced by Bill Lee. At the end of our meeting, we ended with the traditional Lyrics Lounge open mic. Fantasic!

Track listing

    1.    “Da’Butt” — E.U. – 5:14
2.    “Perfect Match” — Tech & The Effx – 6:03
3.    “Be Alone Tonight” — Rays – 3:56
4.    “Straight And Nappy” — Jigaboos & Wannabees Chorus – 6:08
5.    “One Little Acorn” — Kenny Barron/Terence Blanchard – 2:20
6.    “I’m Building Me A Home” — Morehouse College Glee Club – 2:45
7.    “I Can Only Be Me” — Keith John – 3:17
8.    “One Little Acorn (Piano Solo)” — Kenny Barron – 1:21
9.    “Be One” — Phyllis Hyman – 4:36
10.    “Wake Up Suite” — The Natural Spiritual Orchestra – 3:40
11.    “We’ve Already Said Goodbye (Before We Said Hello)” — Pieces Of A Dream – 4:11


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