Strive ‘Til I Rise: Genesis Be Talks Social Entrepreneurship at Lyrics Lounge

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Sessions

Lyrics Lounge - "Strive 'Til I Rise or Until I Stop Breathing!" - Genesis Be

Lyrics Lounge: Session XVI

February 18, 2011

There are a number of artists out there making music. However, there aren’t as many artists who use their fame and resources to change the state of our world. However, the recent surge in the field of social entrepreneurship has caused the entertainment world to more closely examine the impact that music media has on the world. More and more musicians and entertainers are becoming ambassadors for social justice and activism in a number of ways.

On Friday, February 18, Lyrics Lounge explored the topic “…”. Emcee and social activist Genesis Be stopped by the Lounge to discuss her career and the ways in which her social efforts have influenced her artistic goals. She explained that social entrepreneurship is simply helping others through the creation of your own business. She also talked to the youth about her new movement STIVE: Systematic Transformation Reversing Ignorance Via Entertainment.

Students rocked out to the traditional open mic at the end. Rockin’!

Check Out Genesis Be’s Smash Music Video for Single “I Don’t Discriminate”!


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