Lyrics Lounge on Self-Promoting and Establishing a Fan Base

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Sessions


Lyrics Lounge - Know Your Target Audience.


Lyrics Lounge: Session XI

November 19, 2010

Without question, the most successful artists know how to “self-promote.” Diddy, Kanye West, and a number of other major artists have shown us just how beneficial it is to “toot one’s own horn.” Consequently, Lyrics Lounge held a one-shot, crash course in marketing and promotions for our youth. Our topic was “Getting the Word Out: A Strategic Approach to Promoting Your Music.” Some of our topics were: 1) What is Cost Effectiveness, 2) Know Your Target Demographic, and 3) Commercial Marketability. As a final exercise, students were asked to design a promotions campaign for an aspiring artist. Their prompt: Imagine that an artist’s album is set for release December 25, 2011. What are some of the deadlines that should be met to ensure the album’s success? Finally we rocked out with the standard Lyrics Lounge open mic.


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