Digital Thievery: Lyrics Lounge on Music Piracy

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Sessions

Lyrics Lounge - Lyrics Lounge discusses the online revolution and the music industry.

Lyrics Lounge: Session VIII | Season 2

October 22, 2010

During the yesteryears of the music business, artists and creators didn’t  have to use terms like “copyright infringement” as frequently as they do today. Yes, those were the simpler times when musicians were seldom bothered with issues of intellectual property and other legal gibberish. However, online file distribution has helped create an environment where artist’s content can travel from destination to destination with the click of a mouse. With the proliferation of the Internet and the networks that make it so easy to steal music online, the idea of “owning content” becomes an absurdist notion.  Therefore, Lyrics Lounge dedicated its last session to a discussion of digital music piracy. Our theme for the day was “Online Music Revolution: Digital Theft and Issues of Intellectual Property.” As far as the happenings, we screened the critically acclaimed documentary Steal this Film II. Afterwards, we rocked out with the Lyrics Lounge open mic. Yep!


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