Battle of the Sexes: Lyrics Lounge Discusses the Impact Gender Has On the Music Industry

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Sessions


Lyrics Lounge - Lyrics Lounge asks emcee Farrah Burns, "Where are the women behind the scenes?"


Lyrics Lounge: Session VII | Season 2

October 15, 2010

Name one award-winning female hip hop beat maker. Can you name a major female music executive? Drawing a blank? Though there are many female recording artists and video vixens, it seems as if there’s a scarcity in other, less visible areas of the business. Therefore, Lyrics Lounge dedicated its last session to a discussion of gender and the ways in which it impacts the music industry. Our theme for the day was “+: Gender Behind the Scenes in the Music Business.” As far as the happenings, dynamic recording artist Farrah Burns dropped by to perform songs from her latest album. Afterwards, students engaged in an intimate conversation with Farrah about the peaks and valleys she has experienced navigating the record business as an independent emcee. We talked a bit about glass ceilings and the issues some women face working behinds the scenes in such a male-dominated environment. Afterwards, we ended on a peaceful note: The Lyrics Lounge Open Mic. Dude, students overtook the stage (i.e. the area of the floor where the mic is) with well-crafted lyrics and poems. Chilling. ‘Til next week, folks.


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