Welcome Back to the Lounge: Season 2 Opens a ETC

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Sessions

Lyrics Lounge - Comes back full force, combining artistic excellence with creative entrepreneurship.

Lyrics Lounge: Session IV | Season 2

September 24, 2010

After much anticipation, Lyrics Lounge returned this school years at ETC. Students and staffers turned out in record numbers to celebrate the opening of our second season. Our theme for the day was “Image Evolution: The Perception of Growth.” Through an analysis of the careers of some of today’s hottest music entertainers, students engaged in a discussion on the progression of artist style, brand identity, and musical content. As far as the happenings, we opened with an assessment of basic music business knowledge. ETC-ers were asked questions such as “What is a copyright?” and “Where is the Library of Congress?” to gauge their savvy. Next we transitioned into the meat and potatoes of the session with a review of the careers of a few popular artists. Our case studies: Eminem, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. After watching videos released throughout the course of their careers, students were asked to critically evaluate the “before and after” states of their images and brand identities. Finally, we rocked out with the traditional Lyrics Lounge open mic. OMG! Some students came prepared with written material, and some were “toppers” coming straight from the dome. It was a wonderful mix of energies for an opener. If you missed it, let’s have a moment of silence for you. Our deepest regrets. However, stay tuned for next week’s extravaganza. Come be a part of the movement!


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