Revisiting Jimi Hendrix: Lyrics Lounge on Artist Imaging, Branding and Performance

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Sessions

Lyrics Lounge - Lyrics Lounge celebrates the legacy and influence of Jimi Hendrix.

Lyrics Lounge: Session III

June 18, 2010

Given that many recording companies no long actively engage in the practice of artist development,  today’s aspiring artists are responsible for cultivating and managing their own brands. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Stars Take a Broader Interest in Building Brands” speaks to impact of this growing trend in the world of entertainment.  Thus, Lyrics Lounge’s last session was dedicated to introducing ETC-ers to the concept of image strategy. Our theme was “Be Your Brand: Music + Artist Imaging = :).” Through a review of the career and legacy of icon Jimi Hendrix, our meeting highlighted models for image customization and branding in the digital age. As far as the happenings, the session opened with a screening of Steven Vosburgh’s documentary Jimi Hendrix – The Uncut Story. After a brief discussion, we rocked out with the traditional Lyrics Lounge open mic. ETC-ers were able to channel their “inner-Jimi” through performance and musical expression.

Picturesque: Imaging Jimi Hendrix

Check out this picture montage of Jimi Hendrix. Without question, much of his appeal was grounded in his eclectic image and presentation. Characterized by an over-the-top swag and unrelenting charisma, the Jimi Hendrix brand will always remain relevant.

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